From beginning to end, Leon was informative, extremely thorough and attentive to my financial needs, thus making sure that I was getting the best deal possible. His ability to structure solutions and find advantageous financing sets him apart. The most important is his work ethic and out-of-box thinking - once he said to me that clients don't care about how hard the job is, they care about the result. The context of that comment was under the circumstances of my pre-approval plan on the verge of rejection. Leon took over and was able to get me a better offer than the other supposedly ‘big and reputable’ mortgage company. I’m still working with him today and have recommended him to my clients and friends. They all have had great experience dealing with him.
  • Kristen Gou
Leon was recommended to me by my friend 5 years ago, because my brother needed to apply a home loan. Leon spent more than an hour with me and my brother to go through our case. Unfortunately, we didn’t engage with him due to the purchase didn’t go ahead. However, his expertise and characters impressed me. When I need a new home loan, I thought about him immediately. Leon was very helpful and patient with any queries I had. He explained them in detail to me and offered a better solution. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, detail oriented, and familiar with different bank products. All my home loan applications were processed through his financial services in last 5 years, never fail.
I would definitely recommend Leon for hassle-free mortgage application advice.
  • Peggy Peng
I am very happy to become customer of goldbridge finance. I was struggling to find right broker to help me for get a home loan. I was only working my self that time and it was hard to get home loan base on my criteria. But he helped me very much for find right bank and idea for approval the home loan. I am very satisfied with his service. Thank you very much.
  • Sandeep Singh
I signed a sales and purchase agreement with very tight deadlines - only five days to confirm conditions and two weeks to settle. I was very nervous to make sure that I could obtain finance. Leon Li worked very hard for me to liaise with banks, to get the best interest rate for me and to make sure that the paperwork was ready on time. I am very grateful to him for his hard work on my behalf, and I warmly recommend him to other home buyers.
  • David Mills
I was referred Leon mid 2019 by a work colleague during my search for my first home purchase. After meeting Leon once and having a chat about what i wanted and how best to structure the lending he managed to secure a pre-approval considerably high than i had managed dealing with the banks direct. When i finally found a property he was a simple message away to answer a lot of questions i had throughout the process. Once settlement came Leon managed to secure an amazing interest rate and signing bonus. Since then have been working on plans to buy and additional investment property! Throughout the whole process Leon was extremely helpful and quick to answer any questions i had. For these reasons i couldn’t have recommended Leon highly enough!
  • Clay Reeve
Leon Li has proven to be a reliable and professional broker, who has delivered good outcome with his patience and professionalism. We’re grateful of having bought our dream home through his services.
  • Alice Liao
Excellent and professional service, Highly recommended!
  • Grace Yu
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